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Our Life Created by Us

Life with Teens

Hi, I’m Ginnie, I am happily married with a set of twin girls. They are teenagers, full of life and so ready to be grown.

Raising 2 Beauties

  • The Long Read..
    I’m going to skim through the years leading to now. I hired people to work in the office for me, because the kid’s schedule, house work, and work work was proving to be difficult. My husband was fully behind me in the officeContinue reading “The Long Read..”
  • Getting Ready
    We had a closing date set and we’re getting excited about getting out of the camper, eight months going on nine was too long. Once we obtained the property, we had a lot of work to do. The mobile home had been abandonedContinue reading “Getting Ready”
  • The After
    After the flood we started looking for a place to live, we found a camper. . We got lucky that some of our friends actually had one for sale. It was small but it would have to do. The camper was a oneContinue reading “The After”

Does it get easier?

About Me

I work from home running a small business and raising two gorgeous girls. These girls are my absolute world and I had a lot of trying times over the years. Maybe I can share some of our mishaps along the way and you can see your not the only mom struggling. I, by all means, am not a professional writer.